Have You Ever:

Wanted to learn how to paint furniture the right way?

Heard about No Prep Paint and wonder if it really works?

Been confused about the differences between chalk paint, milk paint, and latex paint?

Wondered if you should Top Coat or Wax?

Been confused about which finish does what and when you should use them?

Then this 3 Week Virtual Bootcamp is for you!


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Let's Learn Together

In this Three Week Virtual Boot Camp you will learn the answers to all of these questions and SO MUCH MORE! 

You'll Get:

  • Video Tutorials Each Week that you can watch, and re-watch any time that is convenient for you
    • Access them on a PRIVATE WEBSITE just for this course! You'll have access even after the bootcamp ends!
  • Three LIVE events where we you can ask you questions in real time and can work on your project together. (Don't worry about technology- Jane will walk you through the steps to join in the virtual meeting!)
  • Hands on knowledge that will have you painting your furniture like a pro in no time!
  • Exclusive access to the PRIVATE Facebook group to post questions, projects and to connect with other class members!
  • Access begins on January 31st, 2021, after that, you can watch the videos anytime on your time! 
Let's Do This!


You'll learn the difference between chalk style paints, milk paints, and latex paint. And- What paint you should use for what look and purpose.


Discover the difference between natural bristle, synthetic bristle, and a blend of both.  Which one will work best for you?


Learn how to apply transfers, papers and tissues, stencils, moulds and skins. Also- learn which of these embellishments is best for your project.


From top coats, to glazes and waxes, you'll learn which finishing product you should use, and in what order.  Also- we will talk about what you should use for a piece that will be outdoors.

Don't Have All of the Supplies?

No Problem. Purchase the option with kit and you'll get:

  • One Pint of General Finishes Milk Paint 
  • One Pint of General Finishes High Performance Top Coat
  • One 4 oz container of clear wax
  • An assortment of transfer samples
  • Decoupage Tissue Samples

(This is over a $75 value for only $60 if you choose the option with kit!!)

Note: if you are purchasing the kit, you MUST sign up by January 22nd to ensure arrival time before the course.

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Early Sign Up Bonus

If you sign up for either option by Tuesday, January 19th, you'll receive a Paint Pixie Brush and Paint Pixie Brush Soap Absolutely FREE!!

Three Week Virtual Boot Camp


  • Recorded Videos
  • Three LIVE sessions
  • Professional Instruction
  • Private Facebook Group

Three Week Boot Camp with Kit


Most Popular

  • Recorded Videos
  • Three LIVE Sessions
  • Professional Instruction
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Paint Kit (includes):
    • One Pint of General Finishes Milk Paint (your choice of color)
    • One Pint of General Finishes High Performance Top Coat
    • 4 oz clear wax
    • Variety of transfer samples
    • Decoupage Tissues



“I love that (Jane) reminds me that perfection is overrated”

 "I have done very well to let that go since following Jane" - Phyllis MacDonald


"Jane's instruction is very clear and easy to understand." 

I learned so much from her! Jane's videos are helpful and well organized, and she actually teaches without a lot of chatter. I feel very lucky to have taken her classes! - Sylvia Malek 


"Jane has taught so many different techniques, and I learn something new every time." 

She is great at engaging with her audience and answering questions. Jane has a portfolio of talents that appeal to a wide audience, whether novice or experienced - Brooke Cashwell